R2BC (28/6/2012)

Another week and more reasons to stay Cheerful 🙂

Little Man played a tournament and was again reasonably well behaved, he was standing around at the corner for the whole of a game and his coach asked what he was doing, his response ‘Waiting for a corner and a penalty’, good answer 😉

The Kids had a treat when a surprise visitor arrived, can you guess his name?

The Mascot who visited the teams, but who is he? x

Daughter is now already for prom, with all paid for and her beautiful Homemade Hairclip has been finished (thanks to my friend Michelle) (so R2BC will be late next week as have to include the photo)

Only 4 weeks left until holiday…not sure is more excited, The Little man or Mummy and Daddy 🙂 x

now pop on over to Michelle at Mummy from the heart to see more great reasons 🙂 x

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

p.s just dropped off my charity cakes for this week and was asked to take photographs for a wedding and also make a cake for another wedding…best get myself sorted and insured etc 🙂 xxx


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