Cakes wk 29 another selection of cupcakes

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This week I have made, Lemon curd, marmalade, 1 large single layer cake (daughter is not keen on jam, so just a maderia).

I handmade the roses, no cutters used, I have been teaching myself these and this was 3rd attempt, I’m very pleased with them I got the effect I wanted, which was a wild rose xxx

Last night and today I made 3 1/2 dozen Lemon cakes with Curd Buttercream with a flower for decoration.

2 dozen Chocolate cupcakes with a praline buttercream decorated with chocolate curl and wafer.

2 1/2 dozen Caramel cupcakes with caramel buttercream decorated with a small banana sweet and caramel sauce.


34 thoughts on “Cakes wk 29 another selection of cupcakes

  1. Goodness you area very busy baker and cake decorated aren’t you? They all look so appetising! Such little works of cake art! X

  2. Mmmm I eyed these up the other day! Very pretty looking and mmmm tasty too I would say :0
    Thank you for linking up x

  3. These cupcakes are really beautiful. I just stumbled across the blog today but I am definitely going to keep reading. Really inspiring stuff (desperate to learn how to pipe icing properly!!) Thank you! x

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