PiggyBankKids, an easy challenge

To raise money, over the next 4 weeks, I will be filling the above piggy bank with my loose change and if I fill that I have another :), All the money will then be sent to PiggyBankKids, one of the main projects they have is the Jennifer Brown Research Fund, trying to help solve issues that have devastating results during pregnancy, that result in premature birth or sadly even death.

Small Charities often get over looked for those who are in the media a lot more, Every Year I like to help charities by different methods, and this has got to be the easiest ever, no Running 5k, no organising a large Raffle, no trying to get over my fears by sailing down a long wire from a high building (and no it didn’t cure my fear).

So how easy is it? most of us throw our loose change into a pot, so why not make a difference and give 1 months worth to charity.

You can also make a text donation to PiggyBankKids by texting 70070 with the message PIGY10 followed by the amount you want to donate eg  PIGY10£5, or PIGY10£10 ect

Dorky Mum started this, have a read by clicking the image x


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