My family and I


I love all things related to photography, cakes and gadgets, I would love to travel the world but finances and life stop that, we tend to visit family for our annual holidays but would be grateful if anyone wishes us to review places. I don’t tend to do make-up or perfumes very often but I do love to have my nails looking pretty so again review for new products would be reviewed honestly and openly.

I am now the wrong side of 40 and boy don’t I know it, my skin is starting to show my age a little more than I expected, I am also a small (in Height 5’4″) but rather round and clothes that aren’t frumpy looking are so difficult to get or way to pricey. So anyone out there feels that we can help each other please feel free to contact me.

Hubby, we will call him JustDaddyBo, he loves D.I.Y, football and gardening, so any PR wishes him to review products that would be again reviewed with honesty and openly.

Little Man, 7 yr old with ASD, he loves cars, football, lego, and anything Eddie Stobart related, we would love to give him opportunities to go places where he fears to help him understand more and attempt to get over these fears, animals and things that fly are his main points.

Miss C is a typical teenage girl (16), addicted to her mobile phone, clothes and spending time with her friends, oh and not forgetting music, she is willing to review anything girly and being a teenager doesn’t hold back on her words.

Thank you for reading this and if you feel we could help then please do not hesitate to contact me


Angie x


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