Why cakes?

Last Year we were invited to my great nieces christening, down in Norfolk, I offered to buy the cake to help my niece, I had it all planned then we had a big obstacle in the way, we decided to have our holiday the week before, erm how do I get my friend to make the cake for us and then get it 200+ miles, impossible so I made the decision to make it myself, I had plenty of useful hints from 2 of my friends and I made some mistakes but overall for a first time I was rather pleased, from there I thought I could do this, so I then made one for a friends 18th in the October and my sons also Oct…since then I have made 5.

I also love making cupcakes, you know those bigger cakes with lots of beautiful tasty decoration, not fairy-cakes you get out of a packet or even those that look like they have when they haven’t. I have done a lot of those for Charity and for friends and family 🙂

here is a slideshow of a few of the cakes I have made 🙂 upto now ( August 11 – 9th april 12)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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